Quality Manufacturing Standards

This Material, when processed and used as directed, is approved for food contact applications in the US and the EU, according to FDA CFR 21 and Commission Directive 2002/72/EC.

Certificates regarding the status of our materials according to the FDA. Regulation 21 CFR 177.1500 "Nylon Resins", the European Regulation 2002/72/EC, the German BfR recommendation X.Polyamide", 1.6.1998 (Bedarfsgegenständeverordnung in der Neufassung vom 23.12.97 einschließlich der neunten Verordnung zur Änderung der Bedarfsgegen ständever ordnung vom 07.04.2003) or legislations for other countries will be provided on request.
FreshPlus® [ EMAP ] MA/MH product have Production Permission Certificate related to plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs, dated 12.08.2013 and no. TR-35-K-017539 given by Turkish Republic Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry.