What is Modified Atmosphere Packaging?

FreshPlus® [ EMAP ] MA/MH Modified Atmosphere & Humidity Packaging Technology

FreshPlus® MAP - Modified Atmosphere (MA) Packaging

All the fresh fruits & vegetables and herbs continue to breathe, in other words respire after they have been harvested as well. They consumes oxygen and produces carbon dioxide and water vapour while respiring. To provide this system and keeping these packaged products fresh, it should be reduced the respiration rate as soon as possible without harming the quality of the product (its taste, aroma, texture and appearance). Firstly,  it should be started to reduce respiration rate by reducing temperature. The main logic of using MAP is reduced levels of oxygen and increased levels of carbon dioxide. However, this process is so hazardous. if there is too little oxygen in the packaging atmosphere, this process could be caused problem that called anaerobic respiration. This problem will be caused to unwanted tastes, odours and spoilage in the product. Also, excessively high carbon dioxide could  damage some kind of product.  The packaging material used for fruit and vegetables have especially and most particularly permeable and breathable features. If the products are sealed in an air proof package, oxygen will  decline soon and undesirable anaerobic conditions could develop. On the other hand when the material is too poriferous, the modified atmosphere will escape out and will be no get benefit.

The aim of  FreshPlus® MAP  is to obtain a proper equilibrium modified atmosphere for products. Here, oxygen and carbon dioxide could pass between the inside and outside of the package In this case, as the oxygen within the package is consumed, it needs to be received oxygen from outside. At the same time, a constant level of carbon dioxide should be maintained. In this case, excess carbon dioxide formed within package should be evacuated to outside if necessary. Another advantage of FreshPlus® [ EMAP ] MA/MH  modified atmosphere is that it reduces the hormone ethylene which is produced by the fruit vegetables and herbs.

Very soon, the kinds of the Compostable / Biodegradable FreshPlus® [ Compostable ] ComBio MAP package will be ready.

This product is made of Polyethylene (PE).

FreshPlus® MA/MH - Modified Humidity (MA/MH) Packaging

As well as all the features of modified atmosphere packs, humidity-controlled packages gives effective results especially in the absence of pre-cooling. The hot air remaining in the package when enters the cold environment, which makes water vapor that builds up on the package, thereafter water falls in drops on the crops, causes the product to become wet and starts to decay. However, some varieties of fruits and vegetables they want to have a high relative humidity environment. At this point, the new technology humidity controlled FreshPlus® [ EMAP ] MA/MH  is activated, throw out the moisture in the environment, it creates the humidity that fruits and vegetables desires. Packaging prevents the formation of drops and provides a controlled environment.
FreshPlus® [ EMAP ] MA/MH  packages are available of breathing prevents bad odors in the environment. Also FreshPlus® Active Bag can controls potential risks of sudden temperature changes.

Soon, the kinds of the antibactarial FreshPlus® [ EMAP-AB ] MA/MH  package will be ready.

This product is made of Polyamide (PA)

Loss of weight

All fresh fruits and vegetables during storage and shipping more or less are subject to weight loss. Rates ranging from 2% to 25% of the weight loss also reduces the quality of the products. At this point our  FreshPlus® [ EMAP ] MA/MH, FreshPlus® Active Bag  makes difference  with new technology and prevent weight loss seriously reduces costs.

Advantages and benefits

FreshPlus® [ EMAP ] MA/MH  Packaging Technologies preserve the freshness of fresh fruits and vegetables and to increase value by offering different packaging Technologies for different products that improves your quality.
*Reduce the risk of decay.
*Reduce loses by preventing weight loss
*With the retention periods vary according to each product that brings profitability
*Packing without precooling
*Increase your brand value and your market domination.